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Language #

The language section lets you manage the languages available for the store front. Cart provides English as the default language after installation. To add multiple languages to the site you need to install a language pack. Language packs can be acquired from the Extension Directory. See Adding multiple languages to learn how to add a language pack to Cart.

If the new language pack is already installed into Cart store, the new language can be added to the site under System -> Localisation -> Languages. Press the    Add   button on the top right corner to add a new language. The following information will be needed to fill.

Language Name *Set the display language name into Cart Store.
Code *The ISO language code. W3Schools has a complete list of ISO codes.
Locale *The code used by browsers to auto-detect the language of the site. Locale codes can be viewed here.
StatusEnables or disables the language in the store front.
Sort OrderDetermines the position of the language among multiple languages in the header.